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Sociedade Agrícola e Industrial do Algarve


A  family business that goes in its 5th generation,  composed of 2 farms, in a total of around 850 Hectares, Quinta do Freixo in the interior and Quinta do Mel by the sea. 

Organic Farming and  Livestock
Cork and Carob Production
Production of jams and traditional products
Rural Tourism

Respect for the environment and the sustainability of our activity are our values.

A five generation path.

  • 20th Century



    At the beginning of the 20th century António Provisório  bought, on the same day, Quinta do Freixo and Quinta do Mel, founding SAIA. The company is in it's fifth generation.

  • 1990

    Starting of the livestock of "Campaniça" sheep.

    The "Campaniça" breed, typical of the region and characterized by small animals but very well adapted to the hard conditions of the Algarve's Serra,  was at the point of extinction when S.A.I.A started with its flock  in an extensive regime, contributing, together with other breeders, in a decisive way to preserve this interesting sheep  and a sustainable production  method.

  • 2000

    Starting of Quinta do Mel project

    In 2000, using the old buiding from the farm, the project Quinta do Mel started as a point of sales for the company products as well as from other farms in the ALgarve.

    Quinta do Mel antiga

  • 2007

    Inauguration of the guesthouse at Quinta do Mel

    The initial building is recovered, respecting the original arquitechture / materials and converted into Agrotourism Unit, Traditional Products shop and Tea room/ Restaurant.

    Quinta do Mel - Timeline

  • 2013

    "Dryland Champions" Award

    Em 2013 a SAIA was given by Nações Unidas and by the Portuguese governament  the "Dryland Champions" award.

  • 2021

    Start of the "Regenerative Farming" process

    A major step regarding sustainability and promotion of soil life and diversity of species . Animals become gain an  important role as regenerative tools.

Where are our farms?