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Herbal Teas (Whole Leaf)
Cinnamon Basil

Cinnamon Basil

€ 3,90

Extremely complex and exotic aroma with hints of spices and cinnamon.


30 g

Water Temperature:

85-90 ºC


4-5 g/L

Infusion time:

5-6 min.



Our jams and jellies are produced by traditional methods, with fruits and vegetables from our production, without adding any flavorings, coloring or preserves. An extremely careful preparation guarantees flavor and good preservation.


"Do not force nature.", Is our principle. In addition to certification in organic production, all techniques that aim to increase production, such as irrigation and soil fertilization, are reduced to a minimum, in order to obtain a product with an intense aroma, as close as possible to what happens when plants are in wild state.

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